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A Hopeless Romantic All My Life Lyrics

About Song A Hopeless Romantic All My Life Lyrics

A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics Song depicts the feeling of a hopeless person in love. It describes how a heartbroken complains about love. A female sings the Song, and she has a beautiful voice. The lyrics have a profound message of how complaining words have hidden the wish to become lucky in love. Cupid is dumb, according to the writer. Cupid is spreading false hope among people as true love does not exist—a soliloquizing person wishing to find true love.

Humans are born social, and living alone is hard. That is why the writer shows sadness due to no luck in love. Alone soul yet simultaneously hoping to find a true soul mate. The Song is very touching to those who are in the same struggle. Love is true, but you see it once and wait for it very hard, leaving many disappointed and frustrated.


Verse 1: The first line, “A Hopeless Romantic All My Life Lyrics,” shows that a person has no hope of finding love. When a person sees another romantic couple happy together, it ignites his craving for love. Also, the writer mentions that she should take it as a sign that she will find his beloved one day. She is feeling lonely and keeps telling himself that love does not exist and Cupid is a fool.

She wishes to find a lover to give her company and remove her loneliness. Also, she mentions she is so broken that she is crying alone in her room and has become skeptical. She wishes that she wanted more and more love in her life. She gives another chance to Cupid, and she blames herself for being stupid after failure. Furthermore, she complains that love is not accurate.


Verse 2:

In verse 2, she says she is waiting for Cupid’s arrow, that He will appear, shoot his arrow, and help her get true love. But she complains that Cupid is lost or flew far away and that he is not coming to help her find her partner. She mentions that waiting for Cupid wastes time because she has been waiting for his magic of love since November. Then she questions whether honey is good, as people who are lucky in love say.

She describes her feelings as hopeless and devastated in the wait for true love to complete her. Also, she adds that she is waiting for her devotion to share these feelings one day. But she is a fool, she says, because, according to her, she is wasting her time in the quest for a mirage.


Artist (A Hopeless Romantic All My Life Lyrics)

Fifty Fifty is a musical group that has sung many songs. Their voice and lyrics of A Hopeless Romantic All My Life helped the Song reach 1.53 million views on their official YouTube account. The Song has an average of 2.11 million views wherever it is uploaded.



The Song is very melodic and good to hear. You can listen to the Song A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics on long drives in a room or with friends. Music is the soul’s food, and Lyrics give words to your inner feelings, soothe your pain, and convert loneliness into a moment of self-realization. Many people are in the quest for true love.

A true partner is a piece of good luck; many of us consider ourselves unlucky because we do not find a sincere partner. Our meticulous thinking sometimes causes delays, and we miss genuine opportunities because we cannot forget our bitter experiences. We live in our past, and we have an element of jealousy. We see others happy and fail to appreciate their happiness; instead, we start counting our insolvencies and unfulfilled wishes. The wait we bear while finding a true soul mate is depressing.

That is why Song has all the elements of compulsiveness and craves a lonely person could feel. Song touched many young hearts. It is a romantic Song with a feeling of hope in the negativity of past relationship failures. The Song is significant because of its lyrics. A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics describe the untold feelings of a writer who represents many others like her.



Song popularity is in the millions. When you search A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics, you see views and likes in millions. Song viewers are proof that this Song represents many hearts’ feelings. Cupid is dumb because the writer is desperately waiting for her love, and Cupid is not showing his magic.

The Magic of Song has spread around the globe. Love, partner, and caring for the better half are beautiful words that comfort a lonely heart. Loneliness is a nightmare no one can stand living alone. Even if you see someone alone, they must have a hidden desire for a caring partner who would complete their life and remove the darkness of being alone.



The singer is from a band 50, 50 and she has a lovely voice. A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics in her voice do the magic of listeners, and they can’t stop listening to it. The Song has romantic vibes, tranquilizing the listener and spreading the panorama of self-talk.

She beautifully sang the Song and successfully made an image of true feelings expressed in the A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics—a wonderful Song in the beautiful voice of a young girl.


Conclusion A Hopeless Romantic All My Life Lyrics

Life is complete when you have a partner. No one is happy alone. God has created us in couples, and we crave that divine connection until we find one soul mate. The Song A Hopeless Romantic All My Life lyrics declare the reality of how one could feel when one cannot find a better half.

The Song is exciting, with amazing lyrics that catch many listeners’ interest. The popularity of Song has continued. It is increasing day by day. It is a very innocent way of describing anger and complaints with Cupid.


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