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What is Weasel Zippers?

If you’ve spent time browsing the internet for news and current events, chances are you’ve come across the name “Weasel Zippers.” But what exactly is Weasel Zippers? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Weasel Zippers and explore its origins, purpose, and what sets it apart from other news sources. Whether you’re a casual reader or a news junkie, this blog will give you a deeper understanding of what it is about. So get ready to uncover the truth behind the name and discover why it has become a go-to source for many people seeking reliable and alternative news.

Introduction to Weasel Zippers

Weasel Zippers, a name that might raise an eyebrow or two, is a unique online platform that has made its mark in the world of political news and current events. With a growing following of curious readers, it has carved out a niche for itself by offering an alternative perspective on the issues that shape our world. But what sets this apart from other news sources? Let’s dive into the origins and purpose of this intriguing platform to find out more.

●      Origins of Weasel Zippers:

To understand Weasel Zippers, we need to trace its origins back to its humble beginnings. Founded in 2013, it started as a small blog with a handful of dedicated contributors who wanted to provide a fresh take on political or social news. What began as a passion project quickly gained traction and caught the attention of readers seeking something beyond the traditional news sources.

●      Purpose of Weasel Zippers:

So, what is the purpose of Weasel Zippers? In a world where mainstream media often presents a single narrative, Weasel Zippers aims to offer a different perspective. It strives to bring forth a diverse range of news stories and highlights various viewpoints that may not receive mainstream attention. The purpose of Weasel Zippers is to challenge the status quo and provide readers with alternative news sources that encourage critical thinking and open dialogue.

Rather than conforming to the traditional model of news reporting, It takes a bold approach by curating articles from a variety of sources, both mainstream and independent. This allows readers to explore different angles on a given topic and form their own opinions based on a more comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

How Weasel Zippers Curates News Content?

It sets itself apart from other news sources through its unique approach to curating news content. Instead of relying solely on mainstream media outlets, Weasel Zippers scours a wide range of sources to bring readers a diverse and thought-provoking selection of articles.

The team at Weasel Zippers handpicks articles from both mainstream and independent sources, ensuring that readers are exposed to a breadth of perspectives. This careful curation process allows for a more well-rounded understanding of the issues shaping our world today.

By presenting multiple viewpoints, they encourage readers to think critically and engage in open-minded discussions.

The team understands that diverse perspectives are essential for a healthy democracy and the growth of knowledge. The curation process at Weasel Zipper is thorough and meticulous. The team carefully evaluates each article to ensure its accuracy, credibility, and relevance. They consider various factors such as the author’s reputation, the publication’s track record, and the objectivity of the content.

Is Weasel Zippers a Reliable Source of News?

Weasel Zippers prides itself on being a reliable source of news. The team understands the importance of accuracy and credibility in today’s media landscape. That is why they take great care in selecting articles that undergo a rigorous evaluation process.

By curating articles from diverse sources, Weasel Zippers aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. They prioritize objectivity and strive to present multiple viewpoints, allowing readers to form their own opinions based on well-rounded information.

While no news outlet is perfect, Weasel Zipper prioritizes transparency and accountability. They openly acknowledge that they are not immune to mistakes and are committed to rectifying any errors promptly. The team regularly updates readers on corrections or clarifications, demonstrating their dedication to providing accurate information.

The Types of News Stories Covered by Weasel Zippers

They cover a wide range of news stories, ensuring that readers are kept informed on a diverse array of topics. Here are the different types of news stories covered by Weasel Zipper:

1. National and International Politics:

They provide comprehensive coverage of political events and developments both within the United States and around the world. From elections to policy debates, readers can stay informed on the latest political happenings.

2. Breaking News:

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a major crime, or a significant event unfolding in real-time, it keeps readers updated on breaking news stories as they happen.

3. Social Issues:

They delve into social issues that impact our society, such as racial inequality, gender discrimination, and environmental concerns. By addressing these topics, they aim to foster understanding and inspire positive change.

4. Science and Technology:

From advancements in medicine to the latest innovations in space exploration. This will keep readers informed about the latest developments in science and technology.

5. Business and Economy:

They also provide insights into the world of business and finance, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, market trends, and economic policies.

It also covers entertainment news, including updates on celebrities, movies, and television shows. Whether it’s the release of a highly-anticipated film or the latest gossip from Hollywood, this ensures that readers stay up to date on all things entertainment.

What is the status of Weasel Zippers?

The website of Weasel Zipper is not currently functioning. Users attempting to access the website will receive an error message stating that it is temporarily unavailable. The exact reasons behind this downtime are unknown at the moment. In the meantime, readers can still rely on other news sources or follow Weasel Zipper’s Facebook page for updates.


Weasel Zippers is well known for its coverage of breaking news stories as they happen, providing readers with up-to-date information on natural disasters, major crimes, and significant events. If their website is currently down, readers can still stay informed through other news sources or by following Weasel Zippers’ Facebook page for updates. Hopefully, you will soon be able to access the website again and enjoy the wide range of topics that Weasel Zippers covers.


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